Cleaning of plots in Sotira Municipality

Monday, 16 April 2018, 15:49

Owners or persons in charge of plots and other open spaces in the area of Sotira Municipality are hereby notified to clean and remove weeds and useless objects by Sunday, 29 April 2018. Responsibility for the cleaning lies exclusively with the aforesaid owners or persons in charge even if the refuse has been placed there by third parties.

Owners or persons in charge who are unable to make their own arrangements for the cleaning of their plots can apply to the Municipal Service and will be charged accordingly.

After 29 April 2018, a crew of Sotira Municipality will clean all plots or other spaces that have not been cleaned and will charge the owners or persons in charge accordingly. In these cases, all legal measures will be taken to recover the relevant costs, including court measures if necessary.

This must also be considered as personal notice to all of the aforesaid owners or persons in charge and is sent in accordance with the Municipalities Law (Law 111/85, Articles 91 and 92).


Owners of abandoned cars are also notified to move them to an authorized space by 29 April 2018. If not, they will be moved by a municipal crew without any commitment. 

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