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Sotira is a large village within the region of Ammochostos, in the geographical area of Kokkinochoria, at about 10 km south of Ammochostos town. It is built at an altidute of 75 metres above the sea level. The place is full of plains with a slope towards the beach. Most of the residents are engaged with stockraising as well as with other kinds of occupations.

Concerning the transportation network, the village is located at an advantageous position. At the north side it is connected with Deryneia village whereas at the northwest with Frenaros village, at the northeast with Paralimni, at the southwest with Liopetri village and finally, at the south side with Larnaka – Ayia Napa road.

Mayor's Message

Dear all, welcome to the website of our newly-established Municipality. The duties of the first Mayor are indeed of high responsibility...


The village's name has holy origins as it comes from the name of Jesus Soter (=savior). A big festival takes place every 6th of August...



The administrative department is the "right-hand" of the Mayor. In short, this service is responsible for carrying out the decisions of the Municipal Council, keeping records of the Municipality meetings, managing the mail, committing Civil Marriages while at the same time supervising all the cultural events taking place in the Municipality. The main responsibilities of the Administrative Department are listed below:

  • Municipal Council and Committees Meetings
  • Record keeping
  • Personnel Register
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Civil Marriages
  • Legal Cases
  • Preparation of Tenders
  • Information and Citizens Service Centre
  • Traffic Police – Fines/Extrajudicial
  • Keeping Mayor and Administration Office updated

Municipality's Technical Services are responsible of the urban construction and development of the region. The department is consisted of the building permits and separation sector as well as the design, construction and projects' supervision sector, each of them assisted by its respective workgroups. In more details, the department's functions are:

  • Building Permits and Land Separation
  • Applications
  • Land Register Issues
  • Technical Personnel
  • Building Projects
  • Road Safety Issues
  • Pavements
  • Complaints
  • Tenders
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Green Areas


Financial Service is mainly responsible to prepare and collect the various taxes, to handle accounting tasks and commit budgetary controls. The department's responsibilities are listed below:

  • Tax Register Preparation regarding fees and permits
  • Implementation of the Municipal Council decisions
  • Municipality Debts
  • Accounting Issues
  • Cash Collection
  • Budgets
  • Informative Reports
  • Personnel Register
  • Objections
  • Delayed Payments

Health Service is responsible for the region's improvement on health matters and the systematic education of the citizens on hygiene and disease prevention issues. Not only they exercise control on the appropriateness of goods and food being produced and offered but also they examine the possibilities of environmental contamination within the Municipal Area. More detailed:

  • Cleanliness and Environmental Hygiene
  • Cleanliness Campaigns
  • Land Cleaning
  • Public Spaces and Streets Cleaning
  • Hygiene Controls on Commercial Premises
  • Examination of Applications for Building and Operation Permits for Commercial Premises
  • Permits and Registers for Dogs
  • Handling of Registers
  • Educate and inform the Citizens on Hygiene and Disease Prevention
  • Complaints
  • Pest Control
  • Food and Drinking Water
  • Tenders

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Address:   22 Makariou III Avenue, 5390, Sotira-Famagusta
Telephone:   23821568
Fax:   23825450
Email:   municipality@sotira.org.cy